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Fashion Trip to Guatemala City

Have you ever wondered which places are the best to visit when you are looking for fashion items in Guatemala? Well, wonder no more! Here are some of our favorite places to check out in the City!

From handmade pieces in markets, to historic pieces in a museum…
Discover more about this emblematic country, and what fashion tendencies and styles it offers.

The Museum

1 – Museo Ixchel

Address – 6ta calle final, Centro Cultural, Universidad Francisco Marroquín

If you are visiting Guatemala city we definitely recommend you to spend a few hours at the Museo Ixchel in Zona 10, on the campus of the university of Francisco Marroquín.⁠

You will be able to watch some videos, visit the permanent exhibit and have a look at the collection of Carmen Peterson’s. You will see paintings, photographs and others… The museum also has a store. ⁠

If you make your appointment in advance you can have access to the library and archives. ⁠

It is the largest museum in the country. You will discover all the history and the evolution in their clothes as well as the 1st industrial spinning mill in 1874. ⁠

The Markets

1 – Artisanal Market

Address – 6ta calle 10-95 z.13 01013 – Guatemala, Guatemala

If there is a market to don’t miss in Guatemala city, it is the Artisan Market, zona 13.⁠

This market will give you a slice of everything that is made in terms of textile and handicraft in Guatemala city. It is built with 4 main streets of booths. Everyone is very friendly and will invite you to visit their shop without too much pressure.⁠

You need to plan a good hour to visit it all.⁠

It is located at the end of the museum area that includes the museum of archaeology and ethnology, the modern art museum, the natural history museum, the children museum and the aurora zoo.⁠

2 – Mercado Central


Address – 8a. Avenida entre 5a. y 4a. calle, zona 1, Ciudad de Guatemala

In addition to the Mercado Central, Guatemalans love to shop for bargains along 6a Avenida in Zona 1.

This busy city street is crammed with makeshift stands and kiosks selling everything from bootleg CDs and DVDs to housewares and clothing. However, be careful; this is a busy and crowded area, and pickpockets feast on tourists.

3 – Mercado de Flores

Address – 17 Calle A, 45, Zona 3, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

If you are looking for a place to find different types of flowers, this is what you are looking for. Located in Zona 3, the Mercado de Flores is a wonderful place full of vivid and beautiful colors.

This is a place that is well known for the tradition it carries within and the bright colors; It was built around 1971 but through the years, it has kept its original structure.

The Stores

1 – In Nola


Address – 18 Calle 21-31 Zona 10 Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

In Nola is a Guatemalan company created by quetzaltecos that has passed from generation to generation. They possess the knowledge of the different processes for creating textiles as well as promoting the amazing colors of Guatemala.⁠

Every product since linens, clothing for men and women, accessories and even wood and ceramics, all is created with the best materials by local producers.⁠

2 – Megapaca

Address – 30 ave 00-51 zona 7, Utatlán 1. (Abajo del puente del Periférico)

If you’re someone who loves finding bargains in thrift shops, head to Guatemala City’s Megapaca. This used clothing chain is a treasure trove of cheap-yet-decent clothing, and you’re sure to find some truly unbelievable bargains.

Whether you want to treat yourself to a new outfit or are looking for a gift for your fashionista friend, you can buy everything here – from suits to prom dresses to coats and shirts.

There are more than 50 Megapaca stores in the country, but the one in Guatemala City is easily the best.


Address – Km 13 Carretera a El Salvador, Villas del Campo 24 01015-Guatemala, Guatemala

GUiSHEM is a store that creates amazing pieces by a Guatemala designer called Guillermo Jop, and his designs have been recognized by its geometrical cuts and structure.

His pieces, meant for fashion-forward women, give a feeling of playful empowerment. GUiSHEM dresses have become a stylist’s favorite for red carpet events and parties. Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Kelly Osbourne, Brittany Snow and Ashley Benson.

4 – Marias Bag

Address – 4ta avenida 9-40 zona 14. Plaza Etú Segundo nivel Guatemala, 01014

Marias Bags was founded by Alida Boer in 2011 to support local female artisans and preserve Guatemala’s heritage of textile craftsmanship

The production of the handbags started with a small group of women in Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. The small group is now over 500 artisans throughout the country.

The name is very representative of Guatemala and its women, which is why it was chosen to represent the bags… Maria. The perfect place to look for beautiful and luxury bags!

5 – Anita Lara

Address – 4 avenida 9-40 zona 14 Etú Plaza, Cdad. de Guatemala

Founded in 2015 in Guatemala City, Anita Lara is a slow fashion, ethnic design house. Anita Lara was born out of the admiration and inspiration of the Maya culture and heritage.

Behind each piece, there is a team of craftspeople whose work reifies a sense of luxury and tradition and creates these amazing works of art.

6 – Augusto Castillo

Address – 7A Calle A, zona 14 Cdad. de Guatemala

Founded by Augusto Castillo (guatemalan), this brand is dedicated to the creation of luxury bags and luggage. All of their pieces are created with the best leather and huipiles in Guatemala, therefore, each piece created is unique.

The Malls

1 – Oakland Mall

Address – Diagonal 6 13-01, zona 10, Ciudad de Guatemala 01010

Oakland mall is one of the main malls of the City, located in zona 10, it has over 200 stores and restaurants to visit. It is the ideal mall to visit with friends or with family to grab a bite to eat, watch a movie.

2 – Plaza Fontabella

Address – 01010, 4A Avenida 12-59, zona 14, Ciudad de Guatemala

Plaza Fontabella is a mall that is located in the “Zona Viva” as it is known in Guatemala. It is full of great restaurants, a bistro cinema and exclusive stores that are worth checking out.

It is a nice centric place to meet someone in the city.

3 – La Noria

Address – 3a. avenida 14-07, Zona 14, Ciudad de Guatemala

A mall created with open spaces, modern architecture and a mix of exclusive brands and gourmet places. This is a place that has all the fresh tendencies and it invites you to visit it with your friends or family.

4 – Cayalá

Address – Zona 15, Bulevar Rafael Landivar 10-05

Calayá has became a city inside a city. Its concept is based on classic urbanism and its a destiny where you can enjoy different activities.
It is perfect to walk around it while checking all the stores and brands located there.

Beautiful environment with lights and white constructions.

3 Day Fashion Tour in the City

Here you can find our recommendations of a 3 day fashion tour in Guatemala City.
Below you will find a map with the locations to discover these amazing places!

Day – 1

9:00 am Mercado Central
10 – minute drive

12:00 pm Mercado de Flores
10 – min drive

1:30 pm Megapaca
10 – minute drive

3:30 pm Cayalá
10 – minute drive

Day – 2

9:00 am GUiSHEM
20 – minute drive

11:00 am Mercado de Artesanías
20 – min drive

2:00 pm Augusto Castillo
10 – minute drive

3:15 pm Anita Lara
5 – minute walk

4:20 pm Marias Bag
5 – minute walk

5:10 pm La Noria
10 – minute drive

Day – 3

10:00 am Oakland Mall
10 – minute drive

12:30 pm Fontabella
10 – 20 – min drive

2:30 pm Museo Ixchel
5 – minute drive

4:30 pm In Nola
10 – minute drive

Alexandrine Michelas

Founder and Artistic Director