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Fashion Trip to Bogotá

People often have controversial opinions of Bogota. Having a reputation for being unsafe, with a high presence of drugs and a questionable history, it is not always easy to have a clear view of the city.

With the peace treaty negotiated in 2016 between the Colombian government and rebel groups in place, tourism in the country is now booming, as the country has become safer. Therefore, Colombia now wants to show what they have to offer.

You will find in the article below our selection of ethical stores, fashion malls and handicraft markets to visit to have an amazing fashion trip in Bogota and we will finish with an exciting 3-day itinerary!

Eight Stores to Visit

1 – Casa Précis

Address – Cl. 79A # 8-45, Bogotá

Casa Precis is a stylish boutique carrying fashionable apparel & accessories made by Latin American labels. Their slogan is “where art becomes fashion”. A hub of leafy interiors, vibrant clothing and coffee tables, this place will surely make your suitcase go over the weight limit on your plane journey home.

2 – Amelia Toro

 Address – Avenida 82 # 12-10, Bogotá

Boutique Amelia Toro is an upscale designer shop for contemporary, global-chic apparel handcrafted by indigenous people. Every item at Amelia Toro is created by fully trained single mothers, and these women produce collections of artisan clothing from beginning to end. Amelia is not only a remarkable designer but also a philanthropist who herself trains and employs single mothers. She even makes sure her employees are housed and their children are well-educated.

3 - St. Dom

 Address – Cl. 79b ##8-40, Bogotá

A 700-square meter boutique of multi-brand luxury and design, located in the heart of Cartagena de Indias, St Dom boutique is in a colonial-style house with 300 years of history. Its mission is dedicated to ready-to-wear fashion, proposing luxury accessories such as shoes, bags and jewelry, and also offering objects for the house, such as crafts, books and entertainment.

4 - Silvia Tcherassi

 Address – Carrera 12 #84-17, Bogotá

A true trailblazer, innovator and trendsetter, Silvia Tcherassi is one of the leading figures in fashion in Colombia.

A native of Barranquilla, she has shown her fashion collections on the runways of Paris and Milan. Her store has a wide range of elegant and tasteful women’s clothing.

5 - Johana Cano

 Address – Avenida Boyacá avec Calle 80 cc Titan Plaza, Local 132-a, Bogotá

Johana Cano is a women’s boutique located in El Retiro, Bogota. The store offers products such as dresses, shoes, shirts, pants and accessories. It is a multi-brand store with items displayed in a welcoming and enjoyable manner.

6 - Dulce Menta

 Address – Cra. 11 # 82-18, Bogotá

Dulce Menta is the first Colombian multi-brand store – opened in 2009 in Bogotá – with the aim of offering all of Colombia the new generation of fashion brands with the latest global fashion trends. In this store, you will find a variety of products including accessories, sportswear, bags, make-up, menswear, swimwear, and womenswear.

7 - Bendita Seas

 Address – section locale 1-125, cl. 82 ## 11-75, Bogotá

Bendita Seas is a boutique fashion store located in the upmarket El Retiro neighbourhood of Bogota which is filled with distinctive fashions. Bendita Seas has a very cool style, with a focus on colour-blocking, geometrical prints and timeless standout pieces. The store was opened in 2005 by the designer Viviana Alba Courrau, who has created pieces for outgoing, creative women.

8 - Pepa Pombo

 Address – 46, Cra. 14 # 83, Bogotá

Pepa Pombo is a fashion company started by leading fashion designer of the same name in the 1980s in Mexico and Colombia. This ready-to-wear brand reinvents knitwear in eye-catching styles, creating the vibrant and bold pieces that have become the brand’s signature look.

Four Malls to Browse

1 – Centro Comercial Andino (West of Bogota)

Address – Cra. 11 #82-71, Bogotá

The Centro Andino Mall is located in the Zona Rosa, near the Zona T and next to El Retiro Mall, which is another of Bogotá’s malls. Centro Andino contains 205 stores, home to the only Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Longchamp and Ermenegildo Zegna stores of the country. It is Colombia’s most expensive and exclusive mall.

2 – El Retiro (West of Bogota)

Address – Calle 81 # 11-94, section locale 3-203, Bogotá

El Retiro Shopping Center is the most exclusive shopping mall in Bogotá. Strategically located in an area that is best known for its high-end stores and restaurants, it is known as the Superior Character Shopping Center.

3 – Atlantis Plaza (West of Bogota)

Address – Calle 81 # 13-05, Bogotá

Centro Comercial Atlantis Plaza (Bogota) is a sprawling, modern 4-story complex with dining & upscale shops, including clothing & jewelry stores. Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Bogota, this place is known as one of the must-see places to visit.

4 – Centro Comercial Santafé (South of Bogota)

Address – Calle 185 No. 45 – 03 Costado Occidental, Autopista Nte, Bogotá

The Centro Comercial Santafé is the fourth largest shopping mall in Colombia (the largest is Centro Mayor in Bogotá). The mall is divided into six squares, which are the Venezuela Plaza, Colombia Plaza, Ecuador Plaza, Peru Plaza, France Plaza, and Italy Plaza. The larger stores in the complex are Jumbo (in Plaza Francia), Falabella (in Plaza Italia), and the Cine Colombia and Zara. The complex also includes a wide selection of restaurants.

5 Must-See Markets

1 – Usaquen Market

Address: Sagrado Corazon, Bogotá
Opening Hours: Sundays and Holidays from 9am to 5pm

Usaquen Market falls under the category of flea market, but with the time has become more a “fancy affair” market. Set up in the north of the city in a very picturesque and pretty barrio, stalls at this market sell arts, crafts, jewelry, and clothing. While it might be more expensive than other markets, here you’re also paying for the overall experience which makes for a great day out.

2 – Paloquemao Market Place

Address: Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao – Avenida 19 # 25-04 Bogotá
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 5am-4:30pm, Sat – Sun: 5am-2pm

The Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao is Bogota’s main food market and has a mind-boggling selection of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and much more. You’ll find the freshest produce here at bargain prices. For any foodies, this is an absolute must-visit during your time in the city, as the selection of exotic fruits and obscure cuts of meat will no doubt have you wanting to try a little bit of everything.

3 – Cafe Cultor & Impact Hub Sunday Market

Address: Cl. 69 # 6-20, Bogotá
Opening hours: Sunday 9am-4pm

Go down to the special Cafe Cultor & Impact Hub Sunday market, a trendy, “green” little market selling great vegan food and homemade crafts. With the wonderful Cafe Cultor being a key part of the market, this is obviously a great spot to come for some quality coffee too.

4 – Las Aguas Flea Market

Address: Carrera 3 # 17-2 Bogotá, Colombie, inside the carpark
Opening hours: Sunday 10am to 3pm

Las Aguas Flea Market in La Candelaria is a proper flea market, held in a car park and home to around 80 stalls. Here you’ll find a whole range of things, from old furniture to CD’s and vinyls. Be ready to get your bartering hat on as this is the place to snatch up some real bargains, just make sure you practice your Spanish first.

5 – Las Puertas del Cielo

Address: Hacienda San Rafael at Carrera 53 No 144-15 Bogotá
Opening hours: 9am-5pm

You’ll find the independent design market Las Puertas del Cielo in a park in the north of the city. The market is a great little spot that supports artists who make either music, art or fashion. It only happens once every two months so stay posted to see when it’s next on. If you do manage to stop by, arrive hungry as there is a food court with a great selection of food and drinks.

3 days Fashion Tour in Bogotá

Below is a map of all the places we mentioned and we have created a 3-day fashion tour to go to all of these amazing places.

Day 1

9:00 am Santa Cafe Mall – 30-minute drive
12:30 pm Las Puertas del Cielo Market – 1-hour lunch, 30-min drive
3:00 pm Usaquen Flea market – 30-minute drive
5:30 pm – Johana Cano Women’s Boutique

Day 2

9:00 am El Retiro Shopping Mall – 1-hour lunch, 10-minute walk
1:00 pm Pepa Pombo – 10-minute walk
1:40 pm Silvia Tcherassi – 10-minute walk
2:20 pm Dulce Menta – 10-min walk
15:00 pm Bendita Seas – 10-minute walk
15:40 pm Andino Shopping Mall


Day 3

9:00 am Atlantis Plaza Shopping Mall20-minute drive
12:20 pm St. Dom10-minute walk
1:00 pm Casa Précis20-minute drive, 1-hour lunch
2:50 pm Cafe Cultor & Impact Hub Sunday market

Alexandrine Michelas

Founder and Artistic Director