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Ethny Photoshoot in Paris, Winter 2023

Being French and growing up in France, it was important for me to connect my French roots, an integral part of Ethny’s brand identity, to the rich, colorful heritages from Guatemala reflected in our bags. After organizing photo shoots in Miami, where I live, and in Guatemala, where our bags are produced, I had the idea to showcase Ethny in Paris, the capital and symbol of France’s elegance.

Fortunate to be friends with the talented @christbytheway, we curated a shoot that embodied Ethny’s values: bold, elegant, and representative of diversity.

@christbytheway is a Parisian professional photographer specializing in portraiture. Before capturing a subject, a product, or any target, he takes the time to understand its uniqueness—whether it’s a detail, an emotion, a laugh, an extravagance, or a shy vulnerability.

And at Ethny, one of our favorite things is bringing culture and people together. This was the concept behind showcasing unique and vibrant prints and colors paired from Guatemala with elegant and classic Parisian outfits. Adding a French touch, you’ll notice the popular envelope shape on the front of the bags, combined with the traditional handwoven patterns from Guatemala and the geometric shapes of Chichicastenango highlighted on artisan-made leather from Xela, Guatemala.

I had the pleasure of playing the model alongside the beautiful @itsmeevelyn, embracing inclusivity.

@itsmeevelyn, Miss Ile-de-France 2020, a Reunionese building engineer, and fashion influencer, who embodies diversity, simplicity, and the joy of living.

We kicked off the shoot at Hotel Berri Champs Elysees, a luxurious oasis in the heart of Paris’s 8th arrondissement, paying homage to 20th-century decorative arts. The hotel’s private art collection set the stage for our Parisian elegance.

In the skilled hands of @germainevrardlebret, a European champion in hairstyling, our skin was pampered, and a natural, and elegant makeup and hairstyle were created, allowing the Ethny Bags’ extravagance to shine.

Walking the Alexander III Bridge was the highlight of the shoot, making us feel like real queens. An unforgettable experience, thanks to @christbytheway and @germainevrardlebret. 

*just keep in mind to don’t shoot in Winter in Paris it is freezing!

We were able to shoot the 6 colors of our Maria Mini Bags (beigebrownblackyellowpinkburgundy) and 3 colors for our Rogelia Handbag (beigebrownblack). 

The final images captured not only the essence of Ethny’s handcrafted bags but also embodied the brand’s spirit—audacious, sofisticated, and a celebration of diverse cultures. The skilled lens of @christbytheway beautifully translated the vibrant prints and unique designs of our Maria Minibag and Rogelia Handbag into captivating visual stories.


This experience reaffirmed our belief in the power of collaboration and the magic that unfolds when creative minds come together. We are overjoyed with the outcome, confident that these images not only represent the uniqueness of our handbags but also convey the heart and soul of the Ethny brand.

In essence, the Parisian photo shoot was a testament to the harmonious fusion of talent, culture, and craftsmanship—resulting in a visual narrative that we are immensely proud to share with our Ethny community.

Discover more pictures on our website and instagram page.

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were every bag has a story and a purpose.

Alexandrine Michelas

Founder and Artistic Director

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