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Antigua a Magical City

You will be pleased to hear that Antigua Guatemala has been recognized as a world cultural heritage site, seen as an exceptional value before the eyes of the world. You don’t want to miss out on such a fantastic time in this city.

Whether you are on a business trip, on vacation, or on a short trip, all you need is a nice hotel to fully relax and enjoy your stay as well as the best locations to visit.

So we have good news! We found the places that will make your stay unforgettable.

The Mercado

Address: Avenida 3ra, Calle Oriente, Antigua

You cannot visit Antigua without going to the Mercado del Carmen. This is a must stop place! In this market, you will learn a lot about Guatemalan textiles and craftsmanship. Locals sell their beautiful and colorful traditional handicrafts such as wooden masks and nice souvenirs to bring with you forever.

Guatemalans welcome bargains, so feel free to negotiate as you wish. The more you bargain, the more things you can buy.

Parque Central

Address: Plaza Mayor, City Center, Antigua 03001

This place is defined as the “beating heart” of Antigua. It’s a part of the old city. If you wish to sit on a bench while contemplating the views of Antigua’s grand architecture rising around you, then you are at the right spot. You will also be able to see an elaborate fountain flanked by mermaids in the middle of the parque. Enjoy your getaway!

Santa Catalina Arch

Address: 5a Avenida Norte, Antigua Guatemala 03-001

This place has become the central image on most postcards and instagram posts. If you want to stop by and get a picture, it would be a nice souvenir! This saffron-yellow arch is standing above the cobbled streets and is located in front of the hulking volcán de Agua.

Cerro de la Cruz

Address: Al final de la 1a Avenida Norte, 03001

This is a popular attraction strongly appreciated by locals. If you wish to fully enjoy Antigua’s superb views, you are at the best place. It is located on a hillside, on the far North of Antigua and is described as a stone cross. There is an outstanding historic center as well as the iconic volcán de Agua.

Unión Café

Address: 6 Calle Oriente 6, half block off Tanque de la Unión, Antigua 03001

What would you say about a nice tasty and fresh smoothie in between 2 visits? Do not hesitate to stop by Union Cafe. This cafe offers premium Guatemalan coffee, it has a fresh approach to healthy food, and serves sustainable, organic, and delicious smoothies. Fully enjoy this is your own time!

Caoba Farms

Address: 5a. Ave. Final Sur Sobre Puente Pensativo, 03001

How beautiful it is to be in touch with nature! Feel free to come and enjoy the beauty of nature and its conservation in Caoba Farms. It is composed of a garden of live butterflies, adapted with the essential needs for their breeding and reproduction.

This is an organic local farm, and you can find anything you desire in terms of fruits and vegetables.

Good Hotel

Address: Calle del Hermano Pedro 12, 03001 Antigua Guatemala
Average price per night: $100

Good Hotel is a luxurious five star hotel, located in la Calle del Hermano Pedro 12, Antigua 03001. It is situated in the heart of Antigua de Guatemala: 0.4 miles from the centre which is a 10 minute walk. The interior of this hotel is inspired by Dutch designs, using natural, durable, and repurposed materials.

Rooms are perfectly well thought of to maximise good sleep, space, and style. Good Hotel owns a variety of amenities that will allow you to chill out. Indeed, it owns an outdoor pool, a spa, a fitness centre, an open space living room, an onsite bar, restaurants, free wifi, and so forth… The average price per night is $88.29.

The first Good Hotel was conceived in Antigua, not only a beautiful and relaxing place to visit, but by staying there you are supporting the local economy, supporting communities, education and helping the Niños de Guatemala foundation.

If you are feeling more adventurous and want to discover new things, do not worry, museums and galleries are set close to the hotel.

Casa Santo Domingo

Address: 3a calle Oriente 28, Centro Histórico, Antigua 03001
Average price per night: $135

Casa Santo Domingo is a luxurious 4.5 star hotel located in 3a calle Oriente 28, Centro Histórico, Antigua 03001. This hotel is set in the ruins of an important church and monastery in Antigua. It is 500 mts from la Antigua.

It is a paradise, you will enjoy luxury accommodations in the middle of nature. Some of its accommodations include: cabins with terrace, jacuzzi, campfire area, pool, fitness centre, free wifi, sauna, and so on… Everything is thought for you to have the most amazing and relaxing vacations.

They have amenities in their rooms such as a flat screen TV, a mini bar, and air conditioning… Casa Santo Domingo holds a restaurant surrounded by nature, art, and culture where you can enjoy a menu with specialties from the grill, pasta, and pizza. Sounds amazing right?

This city is full of great attractions that will make your trip fabulous. Antigua is well known for its rich colonial history and cultural attractions and is part of the best preserved colonial cities.

Now that you’ve found a place to stay and know about the must things to do in Antigua, let’s get into this.

Itinerary in 1 day

11:00 am – the Mercado
6 min drive from Good Hotel
7 min drive from Casa Santo Domingo

1:00 pm – Parque Central
4 min walk from the Mercado

2:30 pm – Union Cafe
4 min drive from Parque Central

4:00 pm – Santa Catalina Arch
4 min drive from Union Cafe

6:00 pm – Cerro de la Cruz
4 min drive from Santa Catalina Arch

7:30 pm – Caoba Farms
9 min drive from Cerro de la Cruz

So many beautiful locations, landmarks, colors and incredible activities, we truly believe that Antigua is a mesmerizing place to visit in Guatemala, a MUST stop for everyone who visits! 

Clemence Roney

Copywriter & Fashion lover