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5 Must-see Places in Colombia!

Here are the 5 most stunning, entertaining a beautiful places to stop by when visiting Colombia! Discover these incredible places and what can be done in the area.

#1 Tayrona Park, a Little Piece of Paradise!

This park is one of Colombia’s can’t-miss travel destinations. It is a huge natural park preserved on the edge of the Caribbean, a haven of nature and peace for an unforgettable hike. In this park sits astonishing fauna and flora. If you are lucky like me, you may be able to see caimans, monkeys and even tigrios. The hike can be done during the day if you get up early enough but it is better to sleep a night onsite to enjoy the park. It is also a great opportunity to test out a night in a hammock.

#2 Salento and Cocora Valley Salento

It’s one of the most beautiful colorful villages, typical of Colombia, surrounded by lush nature with trees that stretch up into the sky. The architecture is very unique, a mix of colonial and indigenous cultures and cute little houses with balconies overflowing with flowers. We love walking these colorful streets and discovering some of the many Colombian craft shops while admiring a beautiful sunset above the village. The region is also well-known for its organic coffee, so visiting a coffee finca is a must.

Cocora Valley, a spectacular hike!

Cocora Valley is a  large valley known for its gigantic palm trees, up to 60 meters tall! The trail is outstanding and worth the trip! The hike begins in the plains, gradually changing into a rainforest and then a riverside path before leading to the ascent of the valley. A small detour by the Casa Hummingbirds is a plus for photo lovers. You will see the most beautiful hummingbirds in the world. This is also an opportunity to stop and take a little break with some hot chocolate and cheese. The coffee region offers mountainous landscapes of bright green with trees and their tops in the clouds. It’s absolutely beautiful! The valley is often misty, you must remember to be patient because it is worth the wait. It always ends up clearing!

#3 Minca, happiness in its pure state!

A fantastic  discovery of a small atypical village awaits near the Sierra Nevada, just about 15km from Santa Marta. An impressive array of nature  sits in this region. It is therefore the ideal place for hiking in the middle of the forest and waterfalls, cycling in the mountains and bird-watching.

The village is famous for its coffee and organic cocoa, therefore, visiting a finca is essential! You can see a panoramic view of the bay of Santa Marta from several places throughout this small village. . It is absolutely beautiful! It’s really an ideal place for nature lovers looking for calm, tranquillity and a change of scenery.

#4 Guatapé and Piedra del Peñol

A few hours by bus from Medellin, you can find the hidden gem of Colombia – a colorful, artistic little village. Drawings and colored friezes (horizontal bands of sculptures often lining a house) in bas-relief on the walls of each house refer to the customs and legends of the region. These colorful walls are also classified by the natural and environmental heritage of the city. There is also a body of water bordering the village which adds a bit of character, where you can fish, jet ski or even boat. The tranquillity and serenity of the village won’t disappoint you. You will fall in love, guaranteed!

Piedra del Peñol, the most beautiful view in the world!!!

The Peñol stone or Guatapé stone is a 220-meter high rock classified as a national monument by Colombia. We advise you to climb up the 649 steps to see a panoramic view of the Peñol reservoir. The climb is physically intense but the end result is definitely worth the detour – a 360 ° panoramic view! Your eyes are really in for a treat.

#5 Cartagena, the most beautiful colonial city in Colombia!

Cartagena is a coastal town of the Caribbean known for its famous “old town” and its UNESCO heritage fortress. Here you will find amazing colonial-style architecture including a variety of colors. The antique district is very lively. There are many shops, bars and restaurants, and it is ultra festive – there is singing, dancing, and a wonderful ambiance. Its beautiful shops are mesmerising! Fashionistas will easily fall in love with the charming local craftsmanship and all of the bright colors. You will find some beaches nearby but the most beautiful ones are located in the archipelago of Rosario Islands.

The atmosphere is truly heavenly, with white sand, turquoise water … an urgent must-do!

Alexandrine Michelas

Founder and Artistic Director