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At Ethny Corner we believe nothing happens by chance.

It all started 8 years ago when we sat at school benches together. At that time we were far from the concerns we have today. Full of energy, full of ideas, we lived life to the fullest and we were eager to learn. After 10 years in the business of developing companies that did not necessarily share our values, our passion for travel brought us together. We made the same observation – that we both had a huge void that needed filled!

That feeling was of living in a society where we feel misunderstood, by giving everything to defend causes that lack human values. Also there was the constant urge to discover what is happening elsewhere, an immense thirst for humanity as a whole and to go back to simple values ​​that benefit everyone.

“It’s at the other end of the world that our project has grown, by marvelling at these beautiful landscapes, tasting delicious food, and sharing unforgettable moments with civilizations which are still unknown to many.”

From there, we thought we would uncover this traditional clothing culture of our country, France, but also Europe and where Alex has spent the last few years: the United States. Seeing that this project is directly related to the textile industry, we started to ask real questions and we quickly realized that globalization causes real problems.

For Anne Laure, it was the beginning of a 6 month road trip in Latin America where she was immersed in this culture completely different from her previous one. Culture or the textile industry holds a big position and has directly developed the economy. The pitiful conditions of the factories and the unsanitary and poor working conditions were also taken into account.

We thought there were really a lot of things to do, so we started studying. We studied the harmful effects of globalization, the development of fair trade, the development of ethnic brands, the entire production chain of clothing and the ecological impact of this industry.

The ETHNY Project

Our actions are not contingent upon one idea or one design; instead, we would like to build a beautiful project and grow it with you, by you (for you and because of you). That’s why we created this blog – to share with you our awareness of globalization, the textile industry and how to consume. We will take this opportunity to share with you our best travel experiences and our fashion and culinary discoveries.

Alex and Anne Laure